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Tame impala drum kit

Disclaimer: Our Potent Pairing series aims to get you in the ballpark of the sounds on your favorite recordings using affordable, accessible pedals. The pedals featured are not the exact pieces of gear used on the recordings. Pedals Used in this Video Tame Impala is proof that indulgent, guitar-and-effects-heavy psychedelia can still pierce its way through the pop music membrane and get radio play.

Even with a sound that draws from the taproot of '60s psychedelia, the Australian powerhouse feels fresh, unique enough to make lazy comparisons to Pink Floyd or The Flaming Lips difficult to defend.

To be clear, Tame Impala's songwriting, production and studio performance is the work of one man: Kevin Parker. What started as his home recording project evolved into one of the most popular rock acts of the s. He now tours with the supporting cast of Dominic Simper who played with Parker as a teen in the band's earliest iterationJay Watson guitar, synth, vocalsCam Avery bass, vocals and Julien Barbagallo drums, vocals.

Check out the settings used for each song segment below. Remember, this gets you in the ballpark. Experiment with the pedals you already have to get your own sound, or grab a few of the pedals on Reverb to set up the same signal chain "recipe. Reverb Articles. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

Please check the fields highlighted in red.Hi, I. Like Like. I played the kit at about an average level of volume, not too loud but not quiet. This gives it the deep dead sound. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Parker uses an SM57 on the snare, and interestingly on the kick drum as well. And he uses a Rode K2 as an overhead. I also read in an article that Parker uses a DBX compressor on his drums.

After I recorded a groove I then played around with different compressors. I squashed these drums and I mean really squashed them. I used the plugin version of a Fairchild compressor and the plugin version of the Purple Audio MC77 compressor. Davie, Mark. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Agustin June 29, — am. Post author iwebbproducer June 29, — am. Hi Agustin! Hope this helps! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.I have been on a quest in the past few weeks, hunting down the drum sound that Kevin Parker of Tame Impala creates.

The answer, I found was in a youtube video that I watched on Kevin's "Lonerism" album. I got a glimpse of his kit setup and noticed a few things:.

tame impala drum kit

Nothing beats a well planned out and intelligent recording technique! I got a glimpse of his kit setup and noticed a few things: Overhead mic placement - His overhead mic was placed off to the side over the top of the floor tom, angled slightly in toward the snare.

tame impala drum kit

Overhead Mic Sound I played some tom fills to show what the mic captures. Snare dampening - He used a rectangle pad on the edge of the snare, in which his stick actually makes contact with. I substituted this for a simple piece of cloth.

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It works quite well! Snare Mic'ing - He uses two snare mics 1 in a standard position, and 1 mic'ing the snare shell. I substituted it for an SM He had what looked like a standard dynamic vocal mic halfway down the snare pointing at the shell. This mic position captures a very "papery", flat, muffled, wiry sound; while the standard position captures the boom and smack of the stick on the skin.

Wild Things: How Tame Impala Plays Currents Live

Snare Side Mic Sample. Snare Top Mic Sample. I'm guessing he uses a kick drum mic google them for the standard ones. Also I used a hi-hat mic because in some of his songs he gets a louder-than-usual hi-hat sound.

Especially the hi-hat foot sound, he likes bringing that up in the mix. So there it is. Kevin Parkers drum sound. Slow Beat with Tom Fills.By Mark Davie.

Out back of the main Park and Garden stages, production manager Haydn Johnston and the local Gigpiglet and JPJ crew were sweating it out waiting for the last wave of trucks to rock up. When Adam unpacks his rig I start to understand his calm.

He rolls two identical rack cases up to the FOH tent, sets them side by side and lifts the lids. Out of the drawers he pulls out an octopus array of arms and screen attachments and begins to assemble the extremities. As a final touch, he adjusts the colour of his rack LEDs to a warmish purple and checks to see how things are coming along onstage. It took all of a few minutes, leaving me plenty of time to marvel at how well-engineered this front of house setup is.

As it turns out, Adam is a stickler for efficiency. All we need to do is plug two multi-pins into each side of the stage with a PowerCon. It also means I can see in the back of the rack if something goes wrong. The snapshot list for the Currents show is multiple pages long, with the snapshots for Let It Happen stretching over two pages alone. Because the show is so carefully mapped out, he spends the first 30 seconds of any festival exclusively manipulating the PA response on the Lake before laying a finger on a fader.

The stage fired up a hill, but it was also on an angle so the FOH tent position sat left of the centre line. Adam carries over his Lake settings from the night before, but deactivates them before the show. It gives him a clean slate to work with, with some familiar EQ starting points if he needs to shape things in a hurry.

Then, depending on the system, a couple of small notches up high to darken it a bit. The Mesa curve on the Lake allows him to sculpt any system as required. All of this changes night to night, with Adam instantiating each cut and adjusting the symmetry and bandwidth of the curves to suit.

The first time I interviewed Kevin Parker about Lonerism [Issue 91] he constantly dismissed his engineering as amateurish, but I got the sense he always knew exactly what he was trying to achieve. Like when he talked about agonising over drum sounds for months and defying studio miking conventions. In Adam, Parker has found an ally. It all starts with the drums, which has its own processing rack in itself.

While Parker has been generous over our last two interviews [ Currents featured in Issue ], there are still some secrets he likes to keep close to his chest. At FOH, Adam also works with the close mics on the kit to reproduce that heavily compressed sound with a bit more control.

Getting those mics really clean — with less stage sound bleeding into them — lets me use more distortion by engaging the preamp on the Scheps 73, EMI TG, or J37 tape plug-ins, depending on what kind of distortion I want. Adam blends the sound he achieves using the close mics with the smashed wet mix of the mono overhead and close mics coming from the stage to create the entire drum sound.


With all that compression and distortion, Adam says the sound is running pretty close to the edge. Rafi uses only the onboard processing on the SD10 to build a similar sound by parallel processing and squashing the close mics, and blending it with the direct sound. I use VCAs a lot. If someone wants something up, it generally means that it needs to go up for everyone. At FOH, the chain starts with a channel strip high passing it at a higher frequency than usual.Tame Impala 's sonic leader, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Kevin Parker brings an exacting and meticulous approach to recording.

Not only has this led to three great Tame Impala albums and countingbut it's also made him a go-to collaborator for the world's leading producers and artists. Kanye WestTravis ScottRihannaTyler The Creatorand many other pop and hip-hop figures have either worked directly with Parker, sampled his music, or, in Rihanna's case, outright covered a Tame Impala song.

The foundation of Tame Impala's sound rests on Parker's thick drum tracks—at times distorted, at times awash, but almost always central to the mix—as heard on albums like Innerspeaker and Lonerism. Today, Reverb's Jessica Burdeaux and Matt Jordan are here to show you how to get this sound yourself. As Jessica explains in our video above, the drum set Parker most-often used on his early albums was a s Ludwig "Super Beat" kit with a 13" rack tom, 16" floor tom, and 20" kick. To demonstrate, we're using a '50s WFL kit with the same shell sizes.

The s Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14" snare Parker is known to have used is a great drum if you can afford it. But a '90s Ludwig Acrolite can give a good approximation of the sound at an easier-to-stomach price.

For cymbals, we're using smaller-sized vintage cymbals like a Zildjian 20" K Constantinople ride and 14" K Kerope hi-hats. Drum heads with thick coats, tuned low, and with sometimes copious amounts of towels and gaffer tape is the way to go. For the snare, we're tuning it medium-low, keeping the snares fairly loose, and using a Big Fat Snare Drum Donut to get a full sound.

For the toms, the batter heads are also tuned medium-low, but the resonant heads are tuned even lower, and we're using plenty of Moongel. Likewise, the kick drum will sound round and punchy thanks to a low tuning and some blankets stuffed inside the shell.

Of course, it's not just the drums themselves that make for Tame Impala's great vintage-tinged, saturation-heavy drum sound.

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Being a proponent of DIY home recordingsKevin Parker is known to use some unconventional yet affordable microphones on his drums. We've matched his setup with:. Aided by the liberties of a DIY aesthetic, using easy-to-obtain microphones also makes this drum sound easily replicable, no matter where you happen to record. Additional character—and especially the character that makes Tame Impala drums sound like Tame Impala—needs to be added with processing.

tame impala drum kit

Liberal amounts of compression will be necessary to really nail the tone, so to begin, we took certain frequencies down via EQ so that they wouldn't be overly boosted with all the compression we plan to add. For the kick drum, we took out some of the boxiness around Hz and put a low-pass filter at 16kHz to remove the cymbal bleed the SM57 was picking up. For both snare mics, we've used a high-pass filter at around 80Hz to get rid of all of the low-end rumbling. And, just for the mic at the top of the snare, we've taken a two-decibel notch out around Hz.

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Tame Impala 'Lonerism' Episode 2

Sounds 55 Products. Thank you you have been a great help for me God bless you! Thank you so much! Awesome kits. Latest News.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 19 of Thread: tame impala drum kit.

Join Date Apr Posts 2. Can anyone place this kit? It looks to be a vintage ludwig set? This guy from Tame Impala is a great drummer. Join Date Apr Posts 1, Re: tame impala drum kit I dont think its a ludwig, but i am not very good at vintage drums. Re: tame impala drum kit I love Tame Impala!!! Such a good band!! Maybe a Slingy? Re: tame impala drum kit The claws and T rods on the bass drum look ludwig.

I attacked the floor and I believe I am winning. Join Date Feb Posts 1, Re: tame impala drum kit The badge on the rack Tom is a Ludwig badge. Re: tame impala drum kit Is this the same kit as the other picture? It looks like it, so I think the badge gives you your answer. Re: tame impala drum kit Oh, yep. I stand corrected. I didn't recognize the badge in the picture, didn't think that was it.

Re: tame impala drum kit eh more trendy perth kids. Re: tame impala drum kit Alright all I need then is an oyster Ludwig set and a home studio Re: tame impala drum kit. Originally Posted by SpatzST. Oh, yep.

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