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Metro exodus glitch stuck

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Kinda hilarious, but please note this for technical issues as it's annoying hearing spider scratching constantly. Reloads, saves, dying, rebooting game don't stop it. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by WarCat :. Originally posted by GrizzlyOne95 :.

Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. Yeah, he's just my pet for now haha! I wish he'd shut up tho. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Is feature comrade! The constant scratching sure is annoying, but at least I can play without crashing now. Tsarcoal View Profile View Posts.


He's so cute! I think he was meant to be preloaded for the animation where the spiders crawl all over your mask and stuff. I'm calling him Bob. For me I restarted the game and voila, creeping sounds gone.

Whats really funny is he's still there even in summer region. I'm starting to get attached to Bob, he's so loyal! Happening to me too.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Did this solve your problem? Yes No.

Sorry this didn't help. This is no longer a new game as a few months have passed. I have downloaded the game on my One X via Game Pass and after throwing a Molotov, I was presented with the same glitch.

Metro Exodus: Stuck Elevator Bug - Possible fix

I have restarted the game, then the level, tried previous save games and still nothing. I don't understand why it's taking so long for a patch to be released and fix this. The game is really good and it's a shame for this bug to ruin the experience. Hello Simon. As this is an old thread, I will be locking this one. Updates, games and everything changes often so would be best to create a new thread.

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Playing Metro Exodus on my One X. Almost finished with the Caspian level when my character glitched out and my player model is invisible. My character is now invincible to everything but fall damage. Restarting chapters didn't work either! I've only seen one other thread about this glitch, so it's been happening to a bit of people but at this point the only solution is restarting the entire game from the beginning.

I'm already like 18 hours in, and do not want to start over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Xbox Ambassador. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply?We are pleased to announce that in preparation for the launch of our second major DLC Expansion - Sam's Story - a new patch has been deployed for Metro Exodus - Check out the patch notes below: Stadia:.

We are pleased to announce that a new hotfix has been deployed for Metro Exodus - Check out the patch notes below:. We have added further accessibility options such as SFX subtitles, the option to turn off ringing sounds for tinnitus sufferers as well as extra save slots among other improvements which are detailed in the notes below. Fixes the sign in procedure issue where consumers were unable to access the game due to different sign ins conflicting.


Fixes all cloud saving issues where consumers could not launch or run saves. Players need to ensure that they are signed in with an account that is able to access the cloud features so that the saves work as intended.

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This is a significant update that adds a host of new features, makes improvements across the board and addresses numerous bugs and issues. Our goal has always been to ship the most polished product we can at launch, but we humbly acknowledge that some things can slip through even the most thorough QA.

Thank you again for your patience and support. Full patch notes are below, but here are the headlines:. More details below…. Thank you for continuing to help us out! Level specific content fixes or changes can only be fully applied to a level when it is started from the beginning either through natural progression, or the chapters menu. If you try to load an existing save within a level, the updates for that level will not be applied to that existing save.

Updates will apply to all subsequent levels progressed to with that save. This 4th preset has a new algorithm which treats its sub-settings different from other presets, in order to further address certain responsiveness complaints. It also contains improved aim assist and controller dead zones per platform. Enter the Metro with our behind the scenes images from the set of our Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch trailer.

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For more information about cookies and our updated information on data protection, please see: More info. Epic Games Store: Fixed bug when DLC is locked on the first launch of the game even if the user purchased and installed it before.

Fixed bug when HUD damage overlay is not scaled to the aspect ratio. Fixed random rare crash after a lot of alt-tabs. All platforms: Added controller remapping options. Fixed rare crash after using the door on the Captain's boat on Volga. Fixed multiple collision issues in Dead City. Fixed missing terrain in the chase sequence in Dead Moscow. Fixed locked camera shake after loading save data before the tank scene in Dead City.

Fixed bug when "Load" button is active in main menu even if there are no saves. Fixed rare freeze on Caspian level. Fixed bug in Dead City when player can see Blind One is disappearing. Fixed bug when player can be pushed out of world by the Blind One.

Fixed glittering light from some ceiling lamps in Two Colonels. Fixed bug when some rail tracks near the terminal are disappearing under specific camera angles in Volga.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Metro Exodus Store Page. Global Achievements. Basically after the first start when everything was ok and I upped video options to my screen resolutions and activating stuff like rtx and so on after I restarted the window is not centred but moved toward bottom-right leaving it bugged.

Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. Redrum View Profile View Posts. I have exactly the same bottom-right problem and no idea how to solve it. I had the same problem and I found a workaround. I have dual monitors and I had to deactivate my second one by right clicking on desktop and under display.

Also if you turn on Dx11 and restart that works too, but I wanted Dx12 to try out Rtx. Last edited by gnovincejr ; 15 Feb, am. I've been having better luck by launching the game from the windows explorer shortcut than by the GeForce Experience and Epic Games apps.

I imagine it's a similar situation with steam. Gary View Profile View Posts.

metro exodus glitch stuck

I just had this. Then find your user. Run the game again to let the game generate new user.

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This work for me. Alt tab and back. Episkopos View Profile View Posts. Alt-tab works.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

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Metro Exodus Store Page. Global Achievements. Cytotoxin View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. What do you mean "soft locks"? For me, the character who I think is supposed to steer the boat is bugged.

He puts his hand on the wheel for a second, then just crouches down in front of it. And the boat doesn't move after that. Originally posted by YouTube Freak :. Rine View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Cytotoxin :. Heydrith View Profile View Posts.

Last edited by Heydrith ; 16 Feb, pm. Having same issue. On my 5th reload. Finally got it to work. Doubt it made a difference but I shot the guy in the head and it finally worked. Originally posted by rcfghost :. I started to reload this like you guys mentioned. And I was on my third and it looked like he was going to glitch again so I started shooting him in the head like rcfghost said and it worked. Navvze View Profile View Posts. Same problem here. Have tried both last checkpoint and quick save, still he just crouch at the steering wheel.

I ran into the same glitch on PS4.

metro exodus glitch stuck

I reloaded the checkpoint and shot both the captain, and the guy steering the tug boat and it seemed to do the trick. Or maybe I got lucky. I've tried reloading now a million times. Don't know why shooting them would matter as there doesn't seem to be any hit detection on the npc. None the less I've unloaded on everybody and everything on that bridge, still nothing. Both save slots have me on the bridge so that's no good and I don't really want to replay the level.

Come on patch this! Originally posted by pii :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Metro Exodus Store Page. Global Achievements. Got stuck by a game breaking bug when getting the railcar. After bringing the railcar to the bandit camp the new objective is to return to the Aurora. Upon returning to the Aurora all of the npcs are in a frozen animation, none of them says anything, and the game doesn't progress at all.

If anyone has any idea what I can do to fix this bug any info would be appreciated. Side note: I completed all of the side areas on my way back from the Catfish's lair.

Teddy bear, Guitar, Save the slaves. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Derrame View Profile View Posts. Thank you it turns out I was just an idiot and you're absolutely right just hop back in the railcar and the passenger car is attached to the back of it allowing you to ship it back to the Aurora. Thanks for the help! I can't get back in the rail car. Mine def seems broken.

metro exodus glitch stuck

Screenshot [i. Last edited by cdh ; 23 Feb, pm. Nite69 View Profile View Posts. Does this actually work!?


View Profile View Posts. Its dumb. So you actually have to take a railcar from where that giant fish is and drive it back to the end of the map near home base.Metro Exodus is more than just your average post-apocalyptic game. Following the story of Metro and Metro: Last Light, Metro Exodus is a substantial step forward in the series and has evolved on almost everything that made the series so great and everything new it tries, it has perfected.

To get you up to speed, Metro Exodus is set after the events of the first two games on a post-apocalyptic Earth devastated by a nuclear war. It is a very different pace from previous games that were quite one-dimensional. Metro Exodus opens you up to giant open world-like hubs and tests your wits as it throws heavy survival challenges at you, horror aspects and a harsh nuclear winter setting all for you to digest at once.

Metro Exodus delivers one of the most captivating worlds I have ever explored in a video game and the change from mission-based chapters, to an open world hub is the much-needed break the series has been craving.

The world manages to deliver this anxious, uncomfortable feeling throughout the game. The wind howling, massive thunderstorms crackling in the distance or the shocking find of a head in a fridge just made me even more engrossed in the setting around me.

This then all compliments the fantastic narrative that the Metro series has been known for. Just standing next to them and you want to listen to everything they say as they open up on their past, personal experiences and how they landed up where they are today.

The series has led us to believe that the world was empty beyond the Metro so these people all have interesting tales to tell that add details to not only the current situation but also what has been going on while we have been stuck in Moscow.

Volga has been under control of a crazy cult that believes that technology led to the end of the world. They live without it and shun anyone who even uses a flashlight. They also praise a fish and are a little crazy. Meeting them in the world, I had to approach them with my gun holstered and my torch off else they would get upset and it would prevent me from learning what they had to say.

There is so much to take in that the experience becomes so much more than just your average shooter. The world of Metro Exodus could be one of the greatest post-apocalyptic settings I have ventured through in a long time. From the moment you arrive in every location, the game visually blows you away. The weather effects, lighting, small details on your gun, the way the Demons nest in specific areas and the sheer scale of everything put together, delivers a captivating experience like nothing else.

I just wanted to walk everywhere slowly, take in the beauty of the dying world and approach every small little hut with the utmost care as to not be seen by the dangers that await. One memorable adventure through a dilapidated terminal tested my will as a giant catfish threatened my step and crazed zombie-like mutants wanted me dead.

This would have been a different experience if the terminal lacked its fantastic level design, lighting and the overall amount of details. Not to mention that the game makes use of some of the best HDR implementation I have ever seen this generation. Pitch black corridors deliver a terrifying trip with bright green mushrooms lighting up the path ahead. Everything simply looks magnificent but still makes one feel alone and anxious.

Metro Exodus is a survival game at its core. Artyom needs to gather materials and solvent to craft ammo, medical supplies, and repair and clean his gear. A dirty gun performs badly with it jamming, preventing you from shooting and just being unreliable. The gas mask which keeps the random waves of radiation at bay can crack, or simply get dirty needing to be cleaned too.

Ammo is scarce and so are the materials so you need to take things slowly and not spray and pray into a flying Demon in the distance. I played on the middle difficulty and still struggled a bit and the game does not hold your hand all the time. This is in major contrast to the like of Far Cry New Daw that simply could not get this survival and crafting system right. Weapons in the game can be modified with various attachments to suit your playstyle.

You can salvage attachments off of other weapons either dropped in the world or taken off dead enemies and use the workbench to equip and alter them as you go.

Artyom also has a backpack that acts as a workbench to a certain extent.

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